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2022-03-18 19:22:20 +00:00
# eGPU switch script
2022-03-18 19:36:26 +00:00
Basic script that sets xorg config for an eGPU, if an eGPU is found.
## Usage
1. Place both `` and `egpu.conf` somewhere on your system. For example in `/opt/config`
2. Edit `` according to the comment in the file. So it knows how to find your eGPU and where to copy the config to and from.
3. Edit `egpu.conf` to add your GPU's PCI-E address. See [Arch wiki](,_PRIME_display_offload_to_iGPU) if you are unsure how to find your PCI-E address.
4. Make `` run on boot before your display manager and xorg starts.
2022-03-18 19:37:32 +00:00
How to run `` before your display manager varies from system to system. On systemd you can create a simple service which runs it, containing `Before=<your display manager>`. On runit, it can be achieved by putting the script in `/etc/runit/core-services`.